Friday, December 16, 2011

Recovering from neck surgery

I'm afraid of getting shots and blood work done, and I never thought would willingly have neck surgery on December 5th as a result of my two cervical herniated disks. Actually one of the disks had completely worn out and I had bone-on-bone, with some bone spurs and arthritis in surrounding it.

Eleven long days later, my neck and shoulders still hurt when I get out of bed or bend down to pet one of my cats, and sitting in front of the computer for longer than ten minutes feels like someone hit me in the back of my neck.

The huge plus for me is that my mother, who is terrified of flying, flew from Pittsburgh, PA to Houston to help and pamper me. I hadn't realized until now that it would take getting my throat sliced open for her to come visit me for the first time.

So, does anyone have advice they would be willing to share for a patient who wants to write/edit her novels without over doing it?


  1. Use any technology you can to make it easier - digital recorder to take notes, if you can't write. There are voice recognition systems like "Dragon" (i think) that might be useful if you have limited time typing. Or carry around a journal or index cards for quick notes. Rest while you can. Then, you can do an any month NaNoWriMo to catch up on the words.

  2. I've tried using Dragon Speak software a year ago but it didn't understand my likes my husband's voice better, lol. I think I will use my small notebook to jot down any notes that come to mind. :)