Friday, August 12, 2011

Observation Galore!

My family and I spent ten action packed days out west, flying from Houston to Boise, and then driving through four different states. We rarely stayed in the same hotel each night!

Being out of my element raised my observation skills; as I drove through the change of scenery from flat land to mountains, rivers which ranged from narrow to very wide, and a HUGE change in temperature. Instead of the 90-100 degree days in Houston, we enjoyed anywhere between 75-90 degree days.

I took lots of pictures of people, scenery, and the parks we visited so that if I need to use them for any future writing, I won't have to search very far.

 What do you observe while on vacation?


  1. Crossing a huge amount of mileage does WONDERS for the creative parts of your brain! I love it a lot. Sadly, my family does not. Scenery is the number one observation draw for me on vacation. Then people.

  2. I love the scenery too Peggy. Especially the mountains. :)